نرم افزار اطلاعات مواد خطرناک در حمل و نقل دریایی

۲۴ دی ۱۳۹۷(1953 روز پیش) 244 بازدید

برنامه IMO class goods درباره اطلاعات مواد خطرناک در حمل و نقل دریایی شامل کدهای بین المللی کالاهای خطرناک دریایی (IMDG) و نحوه حمل و نقل این کالاها بر روی کشتی می باشد. این برنامه برای دانش جویان دستورالعمل های IMDG و دریا نوردان مفید است.


درباره برنامه IMO class goods :


This app is all about the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG), and how these goods must be safely stowed and transported on board of a ship. Useful for both students of the IMDG as for seafarers on board of their ship

The placard browser explains the 9 classes of dangerous goods, and contains also a number of examples of labeling on packages and containers

The segregation tool lets you check segregation between 2 IMO class goods and is the equivalent of the IMDG Code 37-14 Segregation Table, including the Class 1 compatibility check

This app further contains the complete IMO Dangerous Goods database. This database can be queried with the UN number or the Proper Shipping Name (PSN), available in English, French and German. The output gives most of the relevant information an active seafarer needs to know, in order to handle dangerous cargo according to the Code

Further we added a tool to check ISO 6346 numbers of seagoing containers, either to calculate the check-digit or to check the validity of a complete number

The theory section contains a nice overview of the IMDG code, in different chapters, ideally for students of the code, but also useful as a reference


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